1 on 1 with Shawn

Thank you to those that have reached out, especially Greg Adelson, the President and COO of Jack Henry, who emailed me on April 4, 2024 and put me in touch with Kayla Raub, Director of HR. It is appreciated. Part of Jack Henry’s motto is “Do the right thing.” They failed me and did not do right by me, especially after I informed my management team of my intention to seek the assistance of our director to facilitate a transfer to another business unit. They knew of my intentions to transfer and they could have allowed that to play out but they didn’t.

The key takeaway from this video clip is that Shawn Matty tells his boss, a senior manager, that he believes his own team does not trust him nor do they have any respect for him. He also tells him that the team is purposely trying to make things look worse than they are to make him look bad. He also tells him that I received two performance salary increases this year, one in January and one in February and that the one thing he brought up on my past performance appraisals was not a ding but merely something to work on. And I’m the one that lost my job…smh.